FetLife is the de-facto social-media site for the sex-positive community. It is similar to most other social media, and has profiles, photos, writings, “friend” connections, event listings and more. The vast majority of our guests find our events on FetLife, and they also use the site to communicate. While using FetLife is not a requirement to be involved in our community, we highly encourage people to sign-up for it.

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Why should I bother with Fetlife?

The main reason is that it contains more info about our events, as well as other events in the sex-positive community, which might be of interest to you if you like our Cuddle events. Being a FetLife user makes it easy to not only find events (*), but also get info about these events. Our FetLife listings typically have stuff like special conditions in events, such as admission price, parking conditions, food allergies and more. People also indicate on our listings whether they are going, which helps us know how many people to expect, but could also help you learn if people you know might be there.

* This is easy not only because there is a dedicated event listing page, but also because FetLife will see and inform you where your friends are going, so you can keep-up.

A second reason for using FetLife is that you might meet and befriend someone at one of our events, and wish to connect with them later. At events, most people shy-away from sharing their personal details such as Facebook or phone number, and using FetLife gives us an extra layer of security and privacy. As such, you are more likely to make friends by having and sharing your FetLife (some people even have a business-card printed with their FetLife alias!).