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Knowledge is power

At Hugz & Cuddlez, we believe knowledge is power, and so we sometimes post information and data that we feel might be enjoyable or useful to our guests and friends. On this page you can find links to some of these. Please note that some of this content is intended for Mature-audience, and so some of these links are for info posted on FetLife (?), which requires an account to access, and is only available for adults.


Media and news coverage

Hugz & Cuddlez started operating in 2021, but it's history goes further, dating back to 2018. Below you can find links to articles and podcasts about our events and community.

Article in Business Wire about an exceptionally large cuddle pile in Tukwila

Article from Social Lifestyle Magazine about our growth post-COVID

Article in First Washington News about sex-positive venues in the PNW, which also features Hugz & Cuddlez

Interview with Mac Scotty McGregor on Rainier Avenue Radio about Spoonz and cuddling

Article in SaveDelete about Hugz founder Erez and his work supporting academics

Article in Hadassah Magazine about Hugz founder Erez and his work with Mensa, the High-IQ organization

Article in Northwest Magazine about consent in our community

Article in JOLT magazine about expansion to Olympia

Interview with Stacy of the Pleasure Playpen podcast about our events

Article from New York Metropolitan
about Hugz founder Erez and his quest into polyamory

Article in the Bellevue Chronicle about Hugz founder Erez and his life of polyamory

Article in Seattle Metro Magazine about our cuddle events

Article in Publicist Paper about our unusual "non-business" model

Interview with Kirk Honda for the Psychology in Seattle podcast about cuddling and our events (Spoonz)

Article from Daily Bayonet about Hugz founder Erez and his affinity for fast cars

Article in Chiang Rai times about Hugz founder Erez and his legal battles related to polyamory

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