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Hugs and Cuddles is a Community built on three things: Consent, Honesty, and Trust.


The community has hundreds of different members who are part of numerous groups of: sexual orientations, genders, beliefs, and cultures. So there is a wide variety of conversations that can occur. Almost all of our members are sex-positive or part of some kind of kink community, but even if they are not, we are all adults who like being with like-minded people who are loving, and cuddling.


Consent is very important! This is not a sex party! Verbal Consent is the way Hugs and Cuddles chooses to go about consent and that is the verbalization and negotiation in which two or more parties agree to do some kind of action involving touch, contact, some kind of kink scene, or other interaction by means of saying a Yes or No as a response. It is very important that everyone feels safe and comfortable in this community and as such, the consent rule, which is our only rule, is non-negotiable.


Anything other than yes means no! If you are having a conversation with someone and they ask you if you would like to cuddle and you say anything other than an enthusiastic Yes, that is the end of that part of the conversation.


Likewise, It is not okay to force a situation. If you ever feel pressured or forced into a situation you are not comfortable with, No, should be the first response. If you still feel uncomfortable or pressured after your no, please come find a core cuddle member and we will quickly resolve that situation.


Negotiation is a vital part of cuddling. After both parties say yes, you should talk about the places you want to be touched and places you don't, the positions, blankets, pillows, locations and so on. The other person should offer the same information back to you, if they don't... please ask. We ask that you be specific about what you are looking for and accepting of the other persons answer gracefully.


Yes does not mean everywhere and forever. Moods can change and interactions can evolve. For instance, If you get up to go to the restroom or get something to eat, you may find the person or group you were cuddling with is still available. It is important to have a second communication with them it is a check-in for yourself and for them to make sure all parties are good with cuddling again. After both parties say yes again, you can have a second negotiation, because moods do change.


Situational awareness is important. We will be in a large room with many people cuddling and someone my accidentally stick their foot in your face. That may not be something that you appreciate. So it is important to be present and cognitive of where your feet and hands are, and a good sense of what is going on around you. This will allow us to limit these instances from happening as much as possible.


We value the honesty of others in the community, not only with how they choose to present themselves, but also how they choose to interact with others. All of our events are held at private residences, so that trust and honesty really needs to be in place. Suggestions are always welcome, be they positive or negative, we are always looking to make these events as good as we can for everyone involved.


As I said before, we have a wide variety of people that come to the events, and it is important to be respectful of all of them and they of you. So having an open mind and being accepting of others ideas is vital to the growth of our community.

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